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you see things. you keep quiet about them. and you understand

3 June
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shophouses, boutique hotels, Japanese surrealist fiction, poetry, words, museums, exploring singapore on foot, korean and japanese dramas, french films, independent movies, local history/culture/heritage/nostalgia, whimsical shoegaze music, kpop from a bygone era, jazz, cafes, bars, coffee, (closet) writing, lifestyle guides, plays, stage productions, the theatre, colonial architecture, singapore literature, musicals, daydreaming, thinking, sepia photographs, dark chocolate, literary magazines, sub-culture blogs, reading the newspapers on a lazy morning, rainy nights, apple crumble with ice-cream, coming-of-age novels, quotes, song lyrics, deja vu, epiphanies, dim sum, gourmet/specialty supermarkets, independent bookstores, talking about books, second-hand bookstores, to be continued...